About First Parish Church
On January 29, 2012 First Parish Church adopted the following welcome statement which makes us an Open and Affirming congregation.

First Parish Church is open to everyone and welcomes the participation in the full life, leadership, and ministry of the Church. We are a diverse congregation. We welcome persons of any race, gender, ethnic origin, mental or physical ability, religious tradition, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and economic circumstances. We affirm that the love of Christ for each person knows no bounds.

Additionally, our church covenant proclaims:

We promise to come together to share in the worship of a living God and in the celebration of the sacraments given to us by Christ; to walk together as disciples of Jesus, proclaiming his reign in our lives now and forever; to sustain one another in all life's challenges, joys, and sorrows through prayer, love, and fellowship; to join in reaching out together in service to humanity; and to celebrate God's love and joy, found in each of us and in all of us.