Advent: Creative Waiting – Hope

November 19, 2018

Advent Week 1:

Week 1 theme: HOPE

Where do you see hope?

You are welcome to use whatever creative medium you like- art, crafting, writing, music, collage, photography, poetry- surprise us!- to share how you experience hope in the season of Advent.


Suggested sources of inspiration:

Scripture 1 Kings 19: 5-8 (angels/messengers)

Imagery – photo by Paige Mangum, taken in Bar Harbor:

Music – Bobby MacFarrin singing Bach Prelude #1 over Gounod’s “Ave Maria” (We also invite you to consider “This Little Light of Mine” and “Oh come, oh come Emmanuel”)

Poetry – “Hope” by Lisel Mueller


You are invited to share any work you do! Just send photos/copies to Jessie Crabtree at and she’ll add it to this page.



Where the First Parish community sees Hope:


Hope for an Un-Cracked Pot

One of the first lessons I learned when I started making pottery was to never get attached to a pot until it had finished its final firing. When the clay is in its greenware stage, like the little pot in the picture, it is especially fragile. When it goes through its first firing, it becomes more resilient.  It isn’t until its final firing that it won’t crack or break (unless of course it is dropped on the floor).

The important life lesson I have learned in the pottery studio is to hold hope gently.  Sometimes a little pot turns into a masterpiece, and sometimes it becomes a lesson. During this season of hope, I remind myself to hope without too much attachment to results.  I hope for peace for the entire world, knowing that it is too much to wish for, but remembering that even little glimmers of peace are possible with hope.

~Nancy Collins


The Power of One

(See video here!)

~Mercie Normand


This Little Light

My little light, represented by this gold fiber, is woven through my whole life.  Your little light helps me.

~Marty Dome




this December night

a child waiting at my door

offers newfound light


~Paige Mangum



Watching a child learn to read is incredible.

As my first-grader sounds out each word, I think about how it won’t be long before the things he reads start molding him into the person he will become. How could we ever measure the extent to which we are shaped by the books we loved as children?

With each step he takes along that journey, I feel hope.

~Jessie Crabtree


Ice Painting: Hope

This painting was done outdoors in below freezing temperature, hence the name ice painting. I had just lost a dear friend and when the colors began to settle out, I saw the yellow as Hope in the middle of chaos. So I named the painting Hope.

~Donna Baughcum



The following haiku goes with the picture but can apply to all creatures:


Watchful, expectant

Feelings of trust, happiness



At the Manger

A tiny infant laying
In a bed of straw.
His loving mother and father
On their knees beside him.
So much trust and happiness
In their hearts and minds,

~Ruth Thiobdeau

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