Are You Interested in Volunteering?
We are excited to report that First Parish Church is working with three other churches to demonstrate yet another way the faith community can help the homeless in our area. There is much truly vital work to be done to assist the homeless, supplementing what Tedford Housing already does. We are hoping the Interfaith Council will bring even more churches into these initiatives. We’ve identified three areas where our aid might do the most good.

The first area is transportation. We are looking for people who would be willing to help provide rides to the Portland, Lewiston, or possibly Augusta homeless shelters, when the singles or family shelters in Brunswick are full, and available space in another facility has been confirmed. Volunteers would always travel in pairs. This would be on an if- you’re- available basis with no schedule expected for one's availability.

The second area is a daytime shelter. Plans are advancing to offer a daytime shelter for those who need it. We are looking for volunteers to staff the day center, which will be for adults, as well as children when the children are accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian. The shelter will be open four days a week. The Seventh Day Adventist church has generously offered the use of the Adventist clothing shop building on Union Street, just next to Midcoast Hunger Prevention. Volunteers will work in pairs for each three hour shift. A full “job description” is being prepared but the idea is that for now we need people to be a presence. Later we will be looking for people to help with job applications, resumes and other tasks that might actively help people. We also need volunteers four times a week for about an hour to help move clothes racks which are normally in place at the center as it serves as a clothing store two days a week. A training session will be given to all volunteers and a background check will be preformed.

The third area we have identified is advocacy but no action has been discussed, as yet, for implementing anything in this area.

At this point the churches involved include First Parish Church, Mid-Coast Presbyterian Church in Topsham, St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Brunswick and the Bath UCC Church.

If you are interested in learning more about these efforts or in volunteering please contact Geoffrey Parker at the church office, or Ed Bradley at 841-1738.