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Who We Are

Our Covenant
In the presence of God and each other,

We promise to do justice;
Following in the way of Jesus, we seek to act on our deep respect for the sacredness of each individual and of all creation.

We promise to love kindness;
Inspired by the Spirit, we vow to forgive often, and to sustain one another through life’s challenges, joys, and sorrows.

We promise to walk humbly with God;
Through worship, prayer, and service, we journey together with the Living God whose power is revealed—and yet to be revealed—in each of us and in all of us.

Welcome to First Parish Church. We hope you will take the opportunity to join us for worship sometime soon. You may be exploring the possibility of church for the first time in years or you may have been involved in church communities all your life. Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, we would we glad to share that journey with you. We hope we will be a blessing to you, as we trust that you will be a blessing to us.

Vision | Practice | The Church Council and Leadership


A world transformed by the indwelling of God’s Spirit.


First Parish Church is open to everyone and welcomes participation in the full life, leadership, and ministry of the Church. We are a diverse congregation. We welcome persons of any race, gender, ethnic origin, mental or physical ability, religious tradition, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and economic circumstances. We affirm that the love of Christ for each person knows no bounds.

We are a congregation where religious questions are not only welcomed but encouraged. We are increasingly learning how to have holy conversations even when we disagree. We value the ways we learn from the gifts of the Spirit shared by one another across generations and from varying life experiences.

The Church Council and Leadership

Our church is congregational, which means decisions for our life together rest with the members of the congregation. We have two regularly scheduled congregational meetings each year. At the winter meeting we approve the budget for the calendar year. At the spring meeting we elect people to represent us on the Church Council, the group that is authorized to make decisions on behalf of the congregation between congregational meetings. The Church Council meets monthly. The Council is assisted by two other elected bodies, the Finance Committee and the Deacons of the church.

We also have a Ministry Forum which is composed of the Church Council, the staff, and the chairs of all the committees and teams. This group meets three times a year to facilitate communication and collaboration between the various ministries of the church.

The staff works with the lay leaders to set goals for our life together and then to reflect on and evaluate our ministry together.

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