United Church of Christ

We belong to the United Church of Christ (www.ucc.org), a denomination that lives by the conviction that God is Still Speaking. That is why the UCC (and its predecessor denominations – Congregational Christian and Evangelical & Reformed) have many firsts in religious practice, e.g.

  • first ordained African American pastor (1785)
  • first school for the deaf (1817)
  • first ordained woman pastor (1853)
  • first openly gay pastor (1972)
  • General Synod supports same gender marriage equality (2005)

In the UCC, congregations live in covenantal relationship with one another. Locally, we belong to the Cumberland Association, which is part of the Maine Conference of the United Church of Christ. Every two years the General Synod of the UCC meets nationally. When the delegates at General Synod pass a resolution they speak to the members of the UCC, not for the members of the UCC. That means the General Synod asks local churches and their members to prayerfully reflect on whatever topic is under consideration.

In the UCC, local churches are free to call their own pastors and to develop their own style of worship and governance structure. At the same time our connection to the denomination expands our witness and our service in ever widening circles.

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