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We hope you will be able to visit with us some Sunday morning for worship at 10 AM. Here are some things to keep in mind:

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Worship is at the heart of our life together. As we gather each week, we trust in the presence of the Spirit to bless our time together and to renew us to be a blessing in the week ahead. While our worship form is fairly traditional – hymns, scripture, sermon, silence, anthems, offering – our thinking is not. In dialogue with our heritage, we engage the living of these days, in this time and this place. Our worship is intergenerational, with children participating in the opening part of worship, before going to Church School. On the first Sunday of the month the children share in Communion with us. On the other Sundays there is a Children’s Moment, which often speaks to the child in all of us.   In addition, the children’s and youth choirs sing once a month. Music enriches our life together through congregational singing, vocal choirs (adult, youth, children) and handbell choirs. Come sing with us!

Click map for help locating parking.

Click map for help locating parking.

The congregation has made an intentional commitment to remain in downtown Brunswick. That means we have to be creative about parking, since the church has only one small parking lot behind Pilgrim House on Cleaveland Street. Bowdoin College allows people to park in the blue decal parking lots, including the one directly across from Pilgrim House and behind the sanctuary. Generally on Sunday mornings there is parking available all along Park Row, both alongside Bowdoin College and alongside the downtown green. There is also parking by the new train station on Station Road. There are a few handicapped parking spaces along Maine Street in front of the sanctuary. If you need additional assistance pull up in front of the sanctuary and a greeter will assist you.

img_4697img_4676In the front of the sanctuary there is a ramp (which has an underground heater so it stays clear all winter). The ramp leads into the vestry, where there is a lift to get up to the sanctuary level. In the sanctuary there are two pews that have been widened so that a wheelchair can fit in and others may sit with you in the pew. We also have hearing assist devices. Please ask an usher to help with any of these needs.
Child Care
You are welcome to bring your children to worship with you. We are a community for all ages. If your child is particularly restless you may go to the vestry, (the room attached to the sanctuary) and stay with them there. There is a speaker on the wall above the kitchen door. If it is not already on, you may turn it on and you will be able to hear the service.There are nursery and preschool rooms in Pilgrim House (the two story brick building diagonally behind the sanctuary on Cleaveland Street). We have a regular paid nursery worker, Jocelyn, who will take good care of your children. There is a beeper system so that you can be notified if your child needs you. Elementary age children begin the morning in worship. After a children’s moment, they then go to church school in Pilgrim House. Teachers and one of the ushers help them to make the transition. You are very welcome to go with them until you both feel comfortable. Please feel free to contact Becky Wilkoff, Church School Coordinator, at or 729-7331 if you have more questions.
FCP_007If you have to dress up all week for work and want to come to church in more casual attire you are welcome to do so. In a recent “sharing our stories” moment in church, a woman who grew up in this congregation and who now has four children, talked about why she wears blue jeans to church. On the other hand, some people who grew up getting dressed up for church still like to do so. You will find a diversity of expression in our midst. You are welcome as you are.
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