An Ongoing Appeal to Help New Mainers

An Update from Priscilla and Margaret (6/24/2024)

Summer has arrived! School is over and Chizzy’s two children will be attending summer day camps through Brunswick Parks and Recreation every weekday from June 24 – August 15.

Two of our vehicles are now equipped with borrowed child seats since Esmeralda requires one. Diego is big enough to not need a booster seat.

Lennie Gray will be taking Jose to almost all his physical therapy appointments throughout the summer, and I will be doing most of the summer camp transportation, with either their mother when she’s available or one of our transportation volunteers. Protocol stipulates two adults with a child/children in the car, so we are grateful for those who have identified themselves as willing to help.

We still would appreciate more volunteers for the Sunday morning transportation, especially for Jose. So, if you would be able and willing to pick up Jose at his apartment on a Sunday morning at 9:30 or so and take him back home, we would be grateful.

Please let Margaret Hutchins ( or Priscilla know if you could take a Sunday or two now and then. Thank you.

Thanks to all of you who provided contributions to the New Mainers fund, Chizzy’s children Diego and Esmeralda are now well equipped to attend summer camp. Water bottles, swimsuits, beach towels and sunscreen were the essential items for their backpacks. Both children received scholarships to attend their day camps.

On Thursday, June 27, Chizzy graduated from the Portland Adult Education program. She was chosen as the speaker for her graduating class. We congratulate her.

Priscilla and Margaret

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