An Ongoing Appeal to Help New Mainers

First Parish Church is helping with the ongoing process of preparing to welcome over twenty families who will be moving to our community soon.

United Way has hired Maggie Cummings as the Community Response Coordinator to oversee all that is needed to make these families welcome, and church members Priscilla Bizer and Margaret Hutchins.

An Update from Priscilla and Margaret (2/7/2024)

Each of the new families the congregation mentors through the Welcoming Team could use a coffee table or something comparable.

Our thanks to those who have spoken with Margaret or me about signing up to drive Chizzy to the Breez bus.

There is a food pantry at the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program at 12 Tenney Way and another MCHPP pantry located in the Welcome Center on Venture Lane at the Landing for anyone in need of food. If interested in how extensive the Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program is, please visit

Mid Coast Hunger Prevention would welcome your donations of non-perishable, unopened food items such as bags or boxes of white rice, cereal, peanut butter and canned vegetables and fruits. Personal care items such as soap, travel-size shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste, feminine products, and diapers of any size.

They also could use recyclable grocery bags for delivering fresh produce to several housing locations. Donated items should be placed in the large wooden donation box in the sanctuary by the stairs leading into the hall on the front left side of the sanctuary. Recyclable bags may be put there as well. Thank you.

– Priscilla Bizer and Margaret Hutchins

For more information, please contact Margaret Hutchins at or Priscilla Bizer at

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