Ann's Spirituality Library July Article

NEW BOOKS!  Yes, we have added a dozen new books to the collection and hope that you will find even more books of interest.  Because of the size of the entire collection, each July, those books in the parlor are exchanged for the other half of the collection.  The new books have a small blue “post-it note” on their spines, so you can easily find them.  This month we are highlighting a book for anyone curious about the birds that are mentioned in the Bible.  This is NOT a book just for bird lovers, but contains insights into Bible stories and scriptures and other questions that arise when we read the Bible.  Debbie Blue, who has a master’s degree from Yale Divinity, wrote Consider the Birds, A Provocative Guide to the Birds of the Bible.

Before you scroll down further, do you know or can you guess 10 birds that are mentioned in the Bible?  Go ahead, write down your choices before checking the answers below.  This is a book that is fun and interesting to read because you will undoubtedly learn something about each particular bird and hopefully will also appreciate the significance of its placement in the Bible.

(Click on image to see an enlarged version)

So much to read and so little time.  God bless you as you enjoy another month to broaden your appreciation and love for life!

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